Meetup for Asatruar, Heathens, Pagans

The Asatru Community

Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Little Rock: informal, family-friendly meet-up to connect with all Asatruar, Heathens, Pagans – anyone who shares our values and ideals – to grow our community and create online and offline friendships and support networks.

Gathering of All Paths 2018

Sponsored by the store, “The Outback Witch”, this gathering is in its third year. The Gathering of All Paths 2018 is a family-friendly gathering of olde where we cook, eat, talk, teach, learn, drum, sing & dance around the fire with our spiritual kindred and those not yet known. This […]

103 Days of Prayer

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(This post was originally published on the Venacian website and has been reprinted here with permission.)     Everything is connected. The growing conditions in Washington enabled you to buy a delicious apple, and keeping yourself healthy ensures that you live a long life so that you can tell your […]

Q&A with Sede


Sede is a Pagan musician that is known and loved in the south for his beautiful music, charm, and good humor. Arkansas Pagans caught up with him for a Q&A session to help you get to know this festival-hopper before you see him play next. Hear his music and find […]