2017: Year of the Dandelion

2017: Year of the Dandelion



The past year has taken so much from us. We have lost our great writers, our talented actors, our bewitching singers…and many of us have lost our hope. We have emerged into the New Year, battered and bruised, fearful of the things we see on the horizon. Change is coming, and perhaps a return to old, dark days. Days of fear and forgetting, of secret names and pointing fingers.

Where are the words that will give us hope? Where are the heroes to stand up and be our guides? What symbols can we hold up to keep back the hate and the pain? To survive, to thrive in this new, harsh world we find ourselves in, we will need powerful totems.

Let 2017 be the Year of the Dandelion. Like that most beautiful of weeds, may you thrive in strange places. May you spring back, again and again, though you be crushed and poisoned. May you be a nourishing source, though all the world scorn you. May you lift your bright head up to the sun, and may you spread joy.

Like the dandelion, you will need to be resilient in the days ahead, for there are those who would hurt you because you do not conform to what they consider acceptable. Just as the dandelion is a vital source of food for bees, which we are only now beginning to afford their proper due, you must be a caregiver for those smaller than yourself, those that the world neglects and does not yet see the value of. Though times are dark and it would be easy to give in to despair, you must renew and replenish yourself so that you may be a bright source of joy and inspiration to others. And when the you can, like a dandelion tuft, you must spread the seeds of love and compassion to the winds, to grow wherever they are able.

Let 2017 be the Year of the Dandelion. Let it be our year, the year we pushed back against the darkness, the year we grew despite the poisons we were fed. Let it be the year we pushed through the cracks of hate and fear, and established a place of beauty and tenderness. Let it be the year we learned how strong we really are. Let our roots grow deep.


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