Arkansas Pagan Pride Festival: September 8, 2018

Arkansas Pagan Pride Festival: September 8, 2018

Arkansas Pagan Pride


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Arkansas Pagan Pride Festival

Arkansas Pagan Pride Festival will be holding its 13th family-friendly celebration in the great town of Hot Springs, Arkansas on September 8, 2018 at Entergy Park from 9 AM to 6 PM. Spiritual folks of all ages and Spiritual backgrounds are welcome. People have been celebrating Pagan Pride for decades all around the world in order to give to charity for those in need, come together as one, and of course shine the light on paganism. While society has put the pagan community in a black box by shamming them as Satan worshipers and practicing “black magic”, most pagans celebrate their faith on emphasis of nature, benevolence, and oneself. Arkansas Pagan Pride Festival opens its doors to all who want to learn, grow, and help shine its graceful light.

The festival will offer classes and information booths for those who are new or want to grow into the path of paganism. There will also be workshops for those who would rather be hands on. During the event there will be dancers, music, and special guests SJ Tucker, as well as, Momma Gina. Don’t forget to stop by and visit all the variety of vendors with all the witchy goodies you can imagine. A.P.P. is still accepting sponsors, vendors and entertainment currently. Don’t forget to come join the circle while celebrating with a pride ritual, which the time is to be determined at a later date . An item of non-perishable food will be accepted as admission and donated to a Hot Springs local food bank.

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About Arkansas Pagan Pride

Re-formed in 2008 by President of Hot Springs Area Pagans Bryen Scott-Kiddy other leaders of the pagan community. A.P.P is a non-profit organization based out of Arkansas that’s goal is to help those in need, gather all paths together, and help erase discrimination on paganism.

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