Meet the Team

Karrie Russell

Karrie Russell is the co-editor of Arkansas Pagans, Vice President of Hot Springs Area Pagans, and works with Arkansas Pagan Pride.  She is the current and longtime administrator for her Pagan group.  When Karrie isn’t teaching and serving in her local pagan community, she is enjoying her love of literature through her lifestyle blog “Chirping about life,” shooting photography and enjoying the blessed nature that surrounds us all.

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Ashley Nicole Hunter

Ashley Nicole Hunter is a college senior pursuing a double major in Creative Writing and Religious Studies. Abandoning a career at a bank in favor of the glamorous life of a writer (ramen noodles, copious amounts of scotch, and nefarious associates), she is currently writing a novel about werewolves on food stamps. Her passions include community service, Zahn McClarnon’s jawline, and arguing in favor of ellipses and the interrobang.

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Friday Gladheart

Friday Gladheart is the author and illustrator of the annual Practical Witch's Almanac.  Friday's articles and have appeared in numerous Pagan, Wiccan, and secular publications.  In 1996 she founded, the oldest and most highly respected online academy for Witchcraft, tarot, and herbalism. She spends her days teaching, writing, and creating websites while developing a non-profit, organic teaching garden and sanctuary near a National Forest in the southern United States.

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Bruce A. Grayson

Bruce is a writer and teacher who also happens to be a Witch. He has studied everything from graphic design and marketing to anthropology and biology.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University, and holds a Master of Science in Journalism (MSJ) from Medill School of Journalism.

Bruce spends most of his time doing community volunteer work, gardening, and writing.  Recent projects include editing The Practical Witch’s Almanac 2018 and designing several magazine advertisements.

Bruce lives with his dog Jesse in Lake County, Illinois. He is a widower with one daughter (Ann, who just finished University and works in advertising in New York).

Rabble RouZEN
Consultant / Supporter

Rabble RouZEN is a private person who contributes to the website with ideas and occasional financial contributions.