An Almanac for Arkansas Pagans!

An Almanac for Arkansas Pagans!

Not only is this the best Almanac for Pagans and Witches, it is an almanac for Practically everyone!  Even better, the authors who do all of the astrological calculations are from Arkansas, and all data is set for Central Time (with Daylight Savings included!).

No matter what your spiritual path may be, this is an almanac for the Practical Witch in You. The patterns and cycles of nature are laid out before you along with notations of diverse holidays, festivals, and events.

This year’s theme is Expanding Horizons. Holidays from many cultures and spiritual traditions are included as well as birthdays of notable Witches, Pagans, scientists, and individuals who have worked toward equality, civil rights, or expanding our horizons.

You will be delighted to see traditional lunar and seasonal information alongside the increased diversity of this edition.

  • New Planner Format- One Week Per Page
  • Articles, Recipes, Spells, and DIY projects selected to enhance your daily life and enrich your spirit
    Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Secular, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and U.S. Federal Holidays
  • Solstices, Equinoxes, Sabbats
  • Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Meteor Showers, Visible Planets, “Supermoons”
  • Weekly Psychic Insights
  • Gardening & Permaculture
  • Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight
  • Access Free Online Bonuses:
    Wall Calendars, Printable Tarot Decks,
    Coupons, Recipes, Free Gifts,
    Time Conversions and more.

The 2018 edition sold out early, but the 2019 edition is almost here!  Reserve yours today by pre-ordering or add it to your wish list at Microcosm here:

Paperback, 120 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62106-731-3

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