Content Submission Agreement

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An Almanac for Arkansas Pagans!

The 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac: Expanding Horizons

Not only is this the best Almanac for Pagans and Witches, it is an almanac for Practically everyone!  Even better, the authors who do all of the astrological calculations are from Arkansas, and all data is set for Central Time (with Daylight Savings included!). No matter what your spiritual path may be, this is an … Read moreAn Almanac for Arkansas Pagans!

Save The Date: April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Remember there is a total solar eclipse coming up in April of 2024.  The path of totality (best view) runs directly through Arkansas! The PaganPath Sanctuary already has plans underway to celebrate this event. Campsites and outdoor classrooms are being constructed. Eclipse glasses are getting stockpiled. Special gardens are being created with plants designed to … Read moreSave The Date: April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Q&A with Sede


Sede is a Pagan musician that is known and loved in the south for his beautiful music, charm, and good humor. Arkansas Pagans caught up with him for a Q&A session to help you get to know this festival-hopper before you see him play next. Hear his music and find out more at   … Read moreQ&A with Sede