5 Ways To Celebrate Winter Solstice

1. Decorate your home with winter plants.

Evergreens- life, reincarnated, and restoration.

Holly- The Holly King Himself, protection, and good luck.

Mistle Toe- reconcile, prosperity and fertility.

Birch- Rebirth, a bump of power, creativity, and protection.

Yew- Vitality, transformation.

Ivy- A beautiful reminder that life continues on.

Oak- Endurance, leadership, victory. 

2. Create a yule song or chant with your family

Grab a pen, paper, a timer and sit down at the table with your family/friends. Set the timer for 30 seconds. The person who starts (the oldest or youngest) begins with either one word or a sentence. Every member gets a chance to change one word from the previous person or write another line within 30 seconds. Once everyone gets their turn with the notebook someone reads out loud.  Optional but fun Record and save the paper for the next yule to read!

3. Spread Yule Joy by volunteering at your local shelters or nursing homes.

Every year thousands go hungry, alone, cold during the winter months. If you work and don’t have time to volunteer make a Winter Solstice package! Collect a bag or an old cookie tin and fill it with items. Some items you might put in: 


Something Sweet


  Snack Bars


  Cotton Balls & Q-Tips





Toilet Paper                    


 Fishing Hooks And Line

 Hair Ties/Rubber Bands             

Sewing Needles And Thread       

 Gift Cards                                   


Print Out Of Local Resources

  Change Bag From The Car Or Bottom Of Your Purse     

Envelops and Stamps




 Safety Pins


  Pocket Notebooks        


Zip-Lock Bags (Good Quality)

 Woman Knee Highs   

 Matches Or Lighters        

Donate or pass out old clothes BACKPACKS that have holes or no longer in use.  

4. Create a family vision board for the new year

Planning for the year ahead is a wonderful family activity for all ages. Be creative and start the year off with a vision! Check out this parent site for those with children! https://www.parentmap.com/article/family-vision-board-craft-diy 

5. Feed the Animals and forest

Animals and the forest need to be fed too. Take those leftovers before they get worse in your fridge or that bag of feed to the forest. Layout an offering stone or spot for the items.  Ideas (Safe to put on the ground for earth and animals): leafy vegetables, old seeds or plants that didn’t live through the year. This is a wonderful activity for children all ages and teaches how to give back to mother earth. 

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