Welcome to Sylphs Reaching Hand

Merry Meet!

I am excited and proud to introduce our new advice column! As a practicing pagan and witch for many years, I look forward to being able to give back even more to our community.  I have been blogging, writing editorials, teaching a few classes, and writing short stories for what feels like forever. My goal for this Advice column is to allow pagans and non-pagans anonymously to reach out, get their questions answered, puzzle some minds, share stories and so much more. I encourage you to send me not just questions but stories, dreams, fears, and anything between. I look forward to the submissions and hope you will join me on this beautiful broom ride.

I wish you all blessed readings and peace within your lives. May my Inbox be full and the community flourish.

Please send your inquiries: Sylphmoon92@gmail.com



*We do not give legal advice for we are not lawyers.  We can only guide you. We do not give medical advice for we are not doctors. We can give you tips on homeopathic ways, etc! We do not share private information with anyone.