Save The Date: April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Remember there is a total solar eclipse coming up in April of 2024.  The path of totality (best view) runs directly through Arkansas! The PaganPath Sanctuary already has plans underway to celebrate this event. Campsites and outdoor classrooms are being constructed. Eclipse glasses are getting stockpiled. Special gardens are being created with plants designed to … Read moreSave The Date: April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Q&A with Sede


Sede is a Pagan musician that is known and loved in the south for his beautiful music, charm, and good humor. Arkansas Pagans caught up with him for a Q&A session to help you get to know this festival-hopper before you see him play next. Hear his music and find out more at   … Read moreQ&A with Sede

Honoring al-Asaad

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  Just a few short weeks after Galina Krasskova’s impassioned call for prayer on behalf of the ancient city of Palmyra and Tess Dawson’s article at Polytheist entitled “The Horror of Palmyra”, noted Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad has been beheaded and his body tied to a Roman-era column at the site. This killing was the … Read moreHonoring al-Asaad

Divining Little Rock, Arkansas: The Tea and Tarot Salon

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(Little Rock, Arkansas) The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, has grown from humble beginnings to a hub for Southern evolution. Today, the streets of the mini-metropolis are filled with microbreweries, museums, high-class restaurants, and tarot salons. That’s right! Little Rock, Arkansas is home to The Tea and Tarot Salon, a twice-monthly free-of-charge course on Tarot … Read moreDivining Little Rock, Arkansas: The Tea and Tarot Salon