Requirements for Pagan & Heathen Listings

Declaration 127

The overwhelming majority of groups and individuals we encounter in Pagan and Heathen circles do not promote hate.  This is simply a general notice regarding the very few exceptions that appear on the fringes of any group of humans. We will not promote, associate, or do business with groups or individuals that include racial exclusivity … Read moreRequirements for Pagan & Heathen Listings

Content Submission Agreement

Content Submissions Terms and Conditions By uploading, posting, sending or submitting text, photographs, pictures, images or any other content including any graphics, video, data, text, files, hyperlinks, URLs, software, music, sound or other content (collectively, “Content”) to this website, and clicking on the “submit” button on the Submissions form, you are agreeing to be bound … Read moreContent Submission Agreement

Privacy Policy & Cookies and Strict Privacy Policy Unlike other social networking sites, Arkansas Pagans ( and, abbreviated here as ARP) strictly protects your privacy.  Your personal information is never revealed, shared, sold, traded or otherwise disclosed to anyone.  Not to third parties, not to someone offering money, not to the neighbor across the fence. No … Read morePrivacy Policy & Cookies