The Equinox Sabbat is Upon Us!

Blessed Autumnal Equinox - Mabon

The Autumnal Equinox is Monday, September 23, 2019 at just after 2:50 am.  This Sabbat is celebrated by many Witches, Pagans, and Heathens around the world.  Each individual and every tradition may have a special name for this celestial event, but it is often referred to as Mabon.  This name was carefully chosen by Aidan … Read moreThe Equinox Sabbat is Upon Us!

Pagan Picks: Top Notch Articles to Read

Pagan Picks: Links for great reading this week.

Sorting through thousands of websites to find a gem is time-consuming.  When we discover such gems we share them here in Pagan Picks.  Happy browsing! They are not Asatru: Wow, this one is insightful.  It starts out a bit choppy so give yourself three full paragraphs to get the feel for the article.  Once you … Read morePagan Picks: Top Notch Articles to Read

An Almanac for Arkansas Pagans!

The 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac: Expanding Horizons

Not only is this the best Almanac for Pagans and Witches, it is an almanac for Practically everyone!  Even better, the authors who do all of the astrological calculations are from Arkansas, and all data is set for Central Time (with Daylight Savings included!). No matter what your spiritual path may be, this is an … Read moreAn Almanac for Arkansas Pagans!

Homosexuality in Paganism: Deities Love the Same Sex, Too

Chinese Deity

As societies and cultures change and adapt, so do the ways that people practice their faith. In recent years American culture has slowly but steadily been moving towards an embracing of the LGBT community. In 2015 the United States Supreme Court ruled the banning of same-sex marriage by states as unconstitutional and therefore gave the … Read moreHomosexuality in Paganism: Deities Love the Same Sex, Too

Ár nDraíocht Féin: Druid Fellowship in NWA

ADF Druid

  (Fayetteville, Arkansas) The ancient practices of the Druids have been told throughout history. The stories of travelers, healers, and those who call upon the spirits and Gods around us have been chronicled for hundreds of years. One group in Arkansas has claimed these ancient ways for their practice and have provided the services of … Read moreÁr nDraíocht Féin: Druid Fellowship in NWA

Divining Little Rock, Arkansas: The Tea and Tarot Salon

Paul Spangenberg Was steht in den Karten 1911 1024x792

(Little Rock, Arkansas) The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, has grown from humble beginnings to a hub for Southern evolution. Today, the streets of the mini-metropolis are filled with microbreweries, museums, high-class restaurants, and tarot salons. That’s right! Little Rock, Arkansas is home to The Tea and Tarot Salon, a twice-monthly free-of-charge course on Tarot … Read moreDivining Little Rock, Arkansas: The Tea and Tarot Salon