Corvidae Emporium is now Spirit Knows in Paragould, AR


Corvidae Emporium is CLOSED but Spirit Knows has replaced it with psychic and crystal reading services.  They may add more items gradually.

“We started out as Corvidae Emporium in 2014. Even though we no longer have that shop, it meant alot to us to help our Community. And we appreciated our Community for their Patronage! We are now on a different path, more geared toward Healing & Teaching. Know that we are here for all your Metaphysical needs…Mind,Body,& Spirit!

We Teach Classes,Workshops,One-on-One Teaching and so much more…We have many Services & are available when you need us. Even if you just need someone to listen…we are here. Let us know what we can do for you!”

The original article about Corvidae Emporium:

In my exploration for witchy stores around Arkansas, I found one in Paragould. Ms. Teresa and Rebecca are the mother and daughter-in-law co-owners of a shop called Corvidae Emporium LLC.

(Editor’s Note: Corvidae is a family of birds including crows, ravens, and magpies.  Pronounced “Core – vih – dye” or “Core – vih – dee”)

After contacting Ms. Teresa she explained that when they thought about opening a store  “We felt the time was right. After many discussions over what our next chapter would hold, we decided it was time to make our dreams a reality to own a business and work in an environment we could be pleased with.” The store just celebrated its three month anniversary.

Corvidae Emporium carries general Pagan and Wiccan items and the owner’s handcraft travel altars and jewelry.  They have a scent of the week as well as weekly specials.

The owners have their favorite scents as well. Teresa said, “Rebecca’s favorite is the Abalone shells and she favors the chakra sets.” They offer punch cards for people on a budget like me. If you spend $20 you get one punch. When you get five punches you get 10% off. They also offer VIP cards for frequent shoppers. On your third visit in you get a VIP card for 10% off your purchases.

{xtypo_quote_right}Corvidae Emporium was opened in love and light and the goal of sharing these two.{/xtypo_quote_right}. I asked Ms. Theresa and Rebecca to recommend some items for newcomers and old-timers. For the newcomer, they recommend the kits with instructions. She says some of the kits they carry are more powerful and don’t come with instructions; and with more power, more experience is needed. As for the old timer she recommends the Chakras and Pendulums in powerful stones, such as Lapis Lazuli.

Some of the services that they offer are classes, psychic, palm, and tarot readings. They are taking enrollment for their “beginners 101” class. They do readings by appointment and custom orders as well. They say the community has been very welcoming so far.

As we part from this shop we are left with these words from Teresa, “Corvidae Emporium was opened in love and light and the goal of sharing these two.”

So until our next stop in the summer series of witchy stores around Arkansas, we bid you farewell.

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