Requirements for Pagan & Heathen Listings

Requirements for Pagan & Heathen Listings

The overwhelming majority of groups and individuals we encounter in Pagan and Heathen circles do not promote hate.  This is simply a general notice regarding the very few exceptions that appear on the fringes of any group of humans.

We will not promote, associate, or do business with groups or individuals that include racial exclusivity and other discriminatory policies among their practices.  All Groups, Events, and Resource Listings must comply with our inclusive policy in order to appear on the Arkansas Pagans website(s).

Each individual will interpret their own spiritual path, as is entirely appropriate.  However, there are a few organizations and individuals that include racial exclusivity among other discriminatory policies, particularly the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA).

The AFA has a long and well-documented history of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identity.  In a recent statement, the AFA declared point blank that non-white and LGBT Heathens were not welcome in their tradition.  While we fully recognize the AFA’s right to govern themselves as they see fit, and with full autonomy, we hereby exercise the same right and deny all posts and listings with discriminatory policies.

If you are listing your group, event, or article on this website, you must agree to Declaration 127.

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Heathens Against Hate

Click here to read Declaration 127

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