Divining Little Rock, Arkansas: The Tea and Tarot Salon

Divining Little Rock, Arkansas: The Tea and Tarot Salon

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(Little Rock, Arkansas) The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, has grown from humble beginnings to a hub for Southern evolution. Today, the streets of the mini-metropolis are filled with microbreweries, museums, high-class restaurants, and tarot salons. That’s right! Little Rock, Arkansas is home to The Tea and Tarot Salon, a twice-monthly free-of-charge course on Tarot divination.

The Salon, held every first and third Saturday at the Little Rock Unitarian Universalist Church (1818 Reservoir Rd 72227), boasts a wonderful membership of over twenty people and growing. The facilitators, Robbin Walsh and Ryan Edwards created the Salon in efforts to teach and learn the art of reading Tarot.

“Personally, I felt like I didn’t know enough about the tarot, so I wanted this class to help me expand my knowledge base,” said Walsh. “I wanted to find a way to really explore the imagery of the tarot in depth”, she continued.

The faces of the group are riddled with old friends and new knowledge seekers. Its success thrives on its diversity. Walsh explained she and Edwards, “are simply there to facilitate the discussion. Everyone has different and unique perspectives on the cards that are valuable,” said Walsh.

The Salon is set up in a near-circle format in a rectangular library. When you walk in friendly smiles and a welcoming energy meet you. The room is filled with an eclectic group of people from all walks of life, but one thing unifies them, their thirst for knowledge. The format of the meetings is simple. The card of the evening is introduced. Each meeting focuses on a specific card from the tarot that will be discussed. After this a guided meditation is played.

As the meditation takes over the dimly lit room each person takes an independent journey into the card. The journey allows the individual to connect with the card’s symbols and how they match up with personal values and thoughts. Meditation has become a staple of the Tea and Tarot Salon’s schedule.

Edwards explained “that the guided meditation allows us all to have a shared experience while at the same time allowing us to get a host of different experiences and interpretations from each card.” Edwards further commented that this connection opens up a channel to group trust so that conversations following the meditation are less strained and each person has their own voice in a comfortable and safe energy. The energy allows people to find their voice. Conversation is the name of the game at the Tea and Tarot Salon.

Walsh explained, “I think the strength of the course is the open dialogue that comes during the discussions. I love to see everyone’s varying perspectives,” said Walsh.

Walsh and Edwards have created a unique atmosphere that empowers each reader either veteran or novice in the art of Tarot. Those in attendance are uplifted and challenged by other readers in order to expand their trust in self and their abilities as Tarot readers.

“I feel I have really grown in my knowledge of the tarot. I’ve really been pushed by other readers to trust my intuition more and I think it has helped me a lot,” Walsh commented.

Outside the Tea and Tarot Salon, Edwards and Walsh are highly active members of the Pagan community in Central Arkansas and beyond. The two have been members of the Central Arkansas Pagans and Witches MeetUp group and the honorable Priest and Priestess at the inaugural Conway Pagan Pride Day in 2014.

“We’ve been involved on and off for many years but we recently rejoined the community through MeetUp and it has been a real pleasure getting to know everyone,” Walsh revealed.

The Tea and Tarot Salon’s reach goes beyond the winding halls of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock. Tarot enthusiasts and Pagans alike are telling their story after each wonderful experience. Their hearts filled with confidence and joy. Leaders, Edwards and Walsh, have not only offered a service to the Central Arkansas area, but an avenue to personal discovery. They invite you to connect to the Tea and Tarot Salon of Little Rock on Facebook.

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