Evolutions Enchanted Gifts & More~ Honoring the Metaphysical Stores That Came Before

The third store on our summer journey leads us out west to Fort Smith, where I met Sharla and Bill Aughenbaugh. They own and operate Evolutions Enchanted Gifts and More. When I asked Sharla why they opened the store she said it was honor the metaphysical stores that came before them as well to help the community.

She describes the store as “An open minded store for multiple religions is the cornerstone of healing for this area; letting people know about different paths is imperative for global healing. “ I think this is such a vital point now days especially here in Arkansas. They have a wide range of items that they carry in the store for all paths. Some of the things she listed are: Native American style medicine needs, herbs, crystals, ritual tools, herbal tea, clothing, and musical instruments. Sharla says that they have several handmade or hand gathered items from local people from the community. This store wouldn’t be here if our people and friends hadn’t pulled together. We give back by showcasing their items or buying from them when we can. They offer a whole list of services. Some of them are in house some are outsourced to the community. The list of services are: Tarot Readings, Palmistry, Psychometry, Mediumship, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Counseling.

She says “We have a direct link to a large variety of open minded people.” So even if you are looking for people of like mind our a group to get involved in this is the place for information. They also offer classes on a variety of topics. Currently they are having classes on Tarot and Runes. When I asked her about if she has had any opposition she said “Opposition? No, not really. As a multi-faith store we have a wide variety of customers and belief systems. People know if it’s for them when they walk in. If it’s not, they have just quietly left. We appreciate that, and thank them for coming.” I asked Sharla about items she would recommend for beginners and old timers.

She explains it so well. “Items for beginners? It depends on what they are beginning, and what they are seeking. That would need a private chat. Information, I would say, is what I recommend. And our store is definitely a way-station for that. The same for anyone on any path for any length of time… You never stop learning.” So if you live in the Fort Smith area or are passing through which I know I do from time to time stop by and say hello and do a little shopping while your there. They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am to 6pm.

They are located at 6704 Highway 271 S Suite A in Forth Smith. You can call them at (479) 353-4611. She says always check back as things are changing as they grow. The best way to stay up to date is on Facebook under Evolutions Enchanted Gifts & More-Fort Smith AR Metaphysical Store. I’m hoping to sneak in one or two more stores in our journey before we run out of summer! Hope everyone is having a great journey with us here at Arpagans.com. So until next time, blessings fellow witches!