Healing Vibrations with Medicine Jewelry

Healing Vibrations with Medicine Jewelry

JewelrySituated in Mammoth Springs, Angela Morris is a stay at home mom to three beautiful dogs and an avid crafter. Born in Akron, Ohio, she has been a nature lover since childhood. It’s only fitting that she finds the “Natural State” her new home.

Morris has been a Pagan all her life. She explained, “my parents introduced us to Christianity but never forced it on us […] so when I felt like it was not my path, they allowed me to find my own spiritual way.

Morris identifies as Wiccan. She attributes the connection to this Pagan sect to a sense of coming home. “It made everything I always knew make sense in a world that was opposite.” Morris revealed.

Her experience with Wiccan practices and lessons in energy movement led her to explore healing properties of energy. She had been using energies to create motion and change in the world, but was searching for something more. She wanted to heal. When she discovered the healing and energetic power of crystals and stones, she had found her true calling as a healer.

Her first practice with stones was with a Quartz Crystal. An amplifier of energy, Morris raised the vibrations of energy and grew her healing potency. Later she graduated her efforts to semi and precious stones. Imbuing them with intention to heal and create positive change in the body, mind, and soul of an individual in healing need.

“Like a tuning fork you can help align the misshaped energies that make up our bodies, and that become out of whack when we are sick or our thoughts get the best of us by adding the vibration of certain stones and minerals. It can get very deep but what I do is subtle magick! But it works!” Morris revealed. “It made me feel better and I wanted everyone else to know that wonderful feeling!”

Morris is always ready to offer a helpful hand and some energy to boot. Riddled with stones, gems, and crystals, her purse is an energetic gold mine. She is prepared to heal at a moments notice because healing is her true passion.

I have an innate feeling to help people get and stay healthy without the use of the poisons the doctors rely on,” said Morris. She explained the healing stones are not to replace all medicines, but to “complement them and in some cases, ease the discomfort of certain side effects,” Morris explained.

Working with healing stones complimented her strong affinity for crafts. She began creating “Medicine Jewelry,” as she calls it.

Morris revealed, “My Medicine jewelry is my way to spread healing with the stones! I use Hemp primarily for them because it softens up so nicely and you can wear it for very long periods of time without irritation,” said Morris.

Her knot work is designed be sturdy and user friendly. These are not only stylish, but are meant to be tools of healing. Her craft allows her to work with a wide range of individuals and healing needs. Working from orders only, she prioritizes need by knowing the client’s needs and their desired results.

Morris offered an example, “For someone who has trouble speaking in front of people, who needs their throat chakra balanced I would create a piece with Lapis Lazuli for the throat chakra, tigers eye for courage, carnelian for self confidence and rose quartz for peace!

Successful healing is not always found, so success stories are paramount to showcasing the power and manifestation of healing energies in these stones.

“My dear friend suffers from MS and this is really how I started making them. She is a natural girl, very hippy and loves to garden. Anyway she suffers from a lot of muscle pain and fatigue and that is what she asked me to help with, so I did some research and made a beautiful piece with many stones and I really wanted to help her get better and that is all l thought about while I tied the necklace then realized it was a form of meditation to do this! She loves the piece to this day and still uses it!” Morris said.

She finds her craft as a form of meditation. Each piece is a manifestation of her healing intentions and genuine, heartfelt care she has for the individual in need.

“Spiritual healing goes into each piece! I focus on the attributes the stones are there for and kind of wake them up and get them moving,” revealed Morris. When the person wears the piece, they keep it moving!” Morris explained.

Her confidence in her ability to heal is proven in a guarantee. She is in the business of healing. It is her understanding that healing takes time and sometimes a “treatment” may not be right for someone at a certain time in his or her life. So, her guarantee is a way to indeed present the best healing available.

My goal is to help people and maybe introduce them to this experience, vibrational therapy!” said Morris.

Her pieces range in price from $20 to $40, but prices do vary beyond these depending on the need of the individual client.

No matter the issue at hand, Morris is available to offer healing services in a beautiful way. The works of art she weaves for each client are unique and fueled with healing intention. 

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