A Note to Non-Pagans

Please do not dismiss me because you see my name on Pagan websites or you notice my Pagan facebook profile. We share many of the same values; Respecting others, helping those in need, acting with love and kindness. Pagans fight in the armed forces side by side with your family, friends and children for the same freedoms. It is often said that beliefs do not define a good person, behavior does.

For the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with this. There are several facebook groups I’ve joined that trade goods and services. A local Christian man refused to sell me his wood burning stove because of my Pagan affiliations. I live in an abandoned hog barn and am in need of heat for the winter. There is no way I could every deny helping another because of my beliefs, and I don’t feel that denying help to others is the way of Christ. I respect his choice, but hope that he will come to understand that there is no need to fear or hate me because my label is different than his.

I just wanted to let you know that you do not need to fear me because I’m Pagan, we are all children of God, with many similar moral codes and values. We all inhabit the same earth, though we all have a different view out of our windows. My view of God may differ slightly from yours, but perhaps that is just a matter of perspective. I hope that you will judge me by who I am rather than a label that has been ill defined by others.