Privacy Policy & Cookies and Strict Privacy Policy

Unlike other social networking sites, Arkansas Pagans ( and strictly protects your privacy.  Your personal information is never revealed, shared, sold, traded or otherwise disclosed to anyone.  Not to third parties, not to someone offering money, not to the neighbor across the fence. No one.  All information about your real name, location, gender, age, address, billing information, etc. is kept strictly confidential.

Your information is not tracked or shared with anyone, and the entire site is free of advertising.

You have the option to show a few of these such as your country or gender in your profile, but you must specifically enter these into your public profile options as they will not be shown otherwise.

~Cookies?  Are they Yummy? uses several tools to help understand how you use the site to make it better for you.  These tools use ‘cookies’, which are very small text files placed on your computer.  These cookies collect standard internet log information such as your browser and IP address.  This is required so we know which menu options and areas of the site you can access.  The use of cookies allow ARPagans to maintain your privacy, only allowing you and other Members to access the private Membership areas of the site.

For example, when you log in, ARPagans uses cookies to identify that you are a Member, and allows you access to the private forums, your private message system, other Member profiles (if they have chosen to share) and your own profile.

On our administrator end, we only see a summary of all users and visitors, with pie charts of which browsers are used most often, and screen resolutions and other very general data.  This helps us find out if we need to make the site more accessible for mobile devices or different browsers.

When you register you will enter information such as your username, and basic optional profile informatiion such as your full name and address. ARPagans will record your IP address and your preferences and access privileges are stored in a cookie. This is required to comply with the Terms of Membershiip, and allows us to provide you with the services you requested.

Cookies are not dangerous, the are simply a small pieces of text. They are not computer programs, and they can’t be executed as code. Also, they cannot be used to disseminate viruses. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers allow users to set their own limitations to the number of cookies saved on their hard drives.

Cookies can be stored on your computer, but they cannot access the hard drive – so a cookie can’t read other information saved on the hard drive, or get a user’s e-mail address etc.

A server cannot set a cookie for a domain that it is not a member of. In spite of this, users quite often find in their computer files cookies from web sites that they have never visited. These cookies are usually set by companies that sell internet advertising on behalf of other web sites. Therefore it may be possible that users’ information is passed to third party web sites without the users’ knowledge or consent, such as information on surfing habits. This is the most common reason for people rejecting or fearing cookies. will never pass your information on to a third party, or to anyone for that matter.  What happens at ARPagans stays at ARPagans.

~How to Toss Your Cookies

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies through your browser settings.  Of course this will disable many of your functions on the site, but if you wish to view the site as a visitor (non Member) without the features available to you through your account (Profiles, Forum posting, etc.) you can do so without cookies anonymously.  This is also useful for other sites that do not have yummy cookies.

Check your browser for specific instructions, but generally most browsers operate in a similar way:

Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Remove Individual Cookies
Select the cookie you want to remove, or click the button “Remove All Cookies” to toss them all!

Internet Explorer:  Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Browsing History
Select from “Delete” or “Settings” to customize or toss your cookies.

Google Chrome:  chrome://settings/
Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies
Select from the available options.

What Can Other Members See?

When you become a Member, you might post on the Forum or other areas where your profile is visible.  This profile only contains your username and a list of your recent forum posts by default.  You can edit your profile to include a signature line, your gender, location, an avatar, hide or show your email address, hide or show when you are online, etc.

As you can see, very little is revealed by default and nothing is taken from your registration to show on your profile.  You can edit your profile by going to the Forum and clicking on the “Profile” tab at the top.  This profile is your public display.

You can edit your main account information “Settings” menu at the top of every page (Log in to see it).  This is your private information.  Only you and the ARPagans administrator can view this information.  I do not have access to your password, I can only reset it so you can select a new one.  Only you and your recipient have access to your private messages. I cannot see how you have voted in polls or rated articles.

Subscriptions and Email

Note that Members must keep a working email address on file at for password recovery and to comply with the site Terms.  Please be sure to mark email from as “safe” and check your spam or trash folder to make sure email from the ARPagans administrator is not being directed to the wrong folders of your inbox.  Once a year an email is sent to verify that your address is working.  If there is no response from this email within 30 days, I’ll send you one more email.  If that message bounces, your account may be deleted.

It is rare that you will receive email from ARPagans unless you subscribe to a topic in the forum, or have opted to be notified when you receive a Private Message.  When you do so, you receive an email note that the message in the forum has a new reply, or that your Inbox has a new message on the site.  This option can be set or removed by you from Your Profile in the in the Forum or in Your Private Messages.

You may also have the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter.  When this is available, you must initiate your subscription, and you may also unsubscribe at any time either through the link in your email, through the “Settings” area, or simply send the admins a note using the “Contact” link at the top of every page under the “About” menu.

Again, your private information such as your email address, IP, location, address, gender, name and everything else is kept private.  Only your public “Member Name” (Username) is viewable by the public, and your forum profile with the information You have set to display is only viewable to other logged in Members.

For more information about cookies, please visit  If you have any questions, Contact Us through the link at the top of every page under the “About” section.