Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Real Wiccan Beliefs,Magic and Rituals

Wicca for Beginners
Published: 2015-04-15
Everything you need to know about the Peaceful Wicca Religion This book will show you the charming beliefs and traditions of the Wiccan way of life This book is a great start for anyone interested in and curious about the Wiccan religion or already practicing Wiccans who want to learn more and go deeper into Wiccan Rituals, Traditions and Spells. There is lot of misunderstanding of the real Wiccan lifestyle and way of life but…

Wicca For Beginners.

The style of Gillians’ writing is amazing. It is easy to follow and yet informative without being overwhelming. If you have trouble following reading non-fiction but want to learn about the Wicca Religion or want to dive deeper into traditions of the religion, then this book might just be for you.  This book is incredible even for those who are already practicing. Gillian helps answer the typical society questions about Wicca. The History, explaining why we work so close to nature, and even a couple spells tucked in there. A simple and easy to read book for those seeking knowledge.

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