Telling Time With Tarot

Telling Time With Tarot

One of the most frequent words you’ll hear during a tarot reading is WHEN. When will I fall in love? When will we be able to close on our house? When am I going to find a new job? I pondered for a long time on how to tell more in-depth of time outside of,” Past, present, or future.”  So, can you tell them when? I say ABOUSTLY! Now as we all know paths can change in a blink of a second, so nothing is guaranteed, but we can use a basic guideline to. But, what if you could help bring some relief to someone’s anxiety by being able to tell them months or even weeks?

Here is a quick basic time table:

                   Type of CardTime
MinorDays or Weeks

Cheatsheet for telling time with the seasons

  • Wands= Sept-Nov
  • Cups= June-Aug
  • Swords= Dec-Feb
  • Pentacles= March-May

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