The Spring Roundup

The Spring Roundup

Spring Cleaning

With the Vernal Equinox fast approaching (that’s March 20th, dears), it’s time to grab our bottles of vinegar, bowls of lemons, and get down to spring cleaning! It’s important to apply some elbow grease to spiritual matters, too, not just your laundry room. We’ve rounded up some great links to help you get in tip-top shape this spring season (and yes, we even included a link on organic cleaners)!


Declutter Your Spiritual Space

If you’ve ever hosted visitors in your home, chances are you’ve had one or two that stuck around longer than you would have liked. Spirits are no different, but Sarah Anne Lawless has a few methods of dealing with troublesome entities. If you need a little help packing away the last lingering effects of that great Samhain ritual, look no further!


DIY A Pagan All-Purpose Staple

Some of us have been lucky enough to have Pagan-friendly shops pop up in our areas, or we’ve found great deals online that are hard to beat. For those of you that prefer a more personal touch in your cleansing rituals, Briana Saussy has an unbeatable recipe for Florida Water.


Meet Your Spiritual Neighbors

Have you given any thought to the creatures besides you that live in and around your home? We’re not talking about daddy long legs and moths, we mean land and house spirits! Follow these tips to start building a relationship with the spirits around you.


We Are (Probably) Required by Law to Include This

It’s a sad Pagan or witch that destroys the very land that we’re so famous for protecting. Ditch those chemical-laden bottles of death under your kitchen sink and start using natural projects to clean your home.

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