Witch Sisters / The Crystal Cave – Closed

Update to this Article:

It takes a lot of courage and financial stability to open a metaphysical store in the middle south, and like many others before them, this store has closed.  If you have any other information regarding this shop, please contact the Arkansas Pagans editors.

The original write-up on Witch Sisters

Here at ARpagans.com we are striving to bring you resources that you will find helpful. We recently have been on the search for occult stores here in Arkansas and our first store to be featured is called Witch Sisters, located in Harrison, AR.

Dolly (store owner) and I have been exchanging emails for the last week discussing her wonderful store. The store is not only an actual store but it is an online store for those of us who just can’t get that way but would like to order from her.

I asked her some questions about how she started her store and how it has been perceived from non pagan town folk.

“I started Witch Sisters as a Online only shop at the end of 2010, as a way to share my love of magick and witchcraft that I learned as a child from my grandmother.” Says Dolly.

Dolly also said that she received several inquires regarding a physical store front. After thinking about it, she said “I have a small building next to the house that at one time in the past had been used as a shop of some sort by previous owners, so my mother said clean it out and open a shop in it to start. It’s taken a few months but it is FINALLY open.”

She opened it just last week!

When talking about the perception of others she said she doesn’t have a sign up yet.

“I have tried to keep the shop on a low profile with the Muggles (love Harry Potter :D) as a lot of my locals come from very Christian families and want to be able to come by and not have the entire town know they were here. That is why I don’t as of now have a sign out front. I am hoping to slowly let the existence of the shop be known to the outside world here in Harrison.”

When I asked her about the items in her store she had wonderful things to say.

Inside the Witch Sisters Store“I try to keep a little bit of everything, from Herbs, Candles, Cauldrons, Athames, Altar Supplies, Clothing, Jewelry etc.”

Dolly explained that she brews all of her potions and oils, as well as she makes most of the clothing, jewelry, and hair sticks in the store. When I asked her about if she had any items from local pagans in the shop she said she did not as of now, but she would love to carry locals items and is always on the look out for local crafters.

I also asked her to recommend some items from her store for beginners and long timers. She said for beginners “I would recommend one of our Spell Kits to someone who is just starting out. I have several different ones for various purposes, They come with everything needed and I include the spell on high quality parchment paper, that can be added to there BOS or used to start one.”

For the long timer she said “I would have to say my Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade). I grow it myself out front of the shop and its my favorite plant with her purple flowers and black berries. I collect it in the traditional why and at the correct time of month, then hang it to dry for months. I only offer it to experienced witches as it is one of the classic Baneful Herbs.”

We were curious if she hosted any classes or rituals. She said “Not as of yet, but hopefully in the future. I do plan on having a meet and greet on Samhain this year, so everyone can meet and know they aren’t alone in there beliefs.”

So if you are in Harrison, AR in the near future or looking for a new store to browse take a look or stop by the Witch Sisters store on or offline. The store is located at 816 N Rowland St. The telephone number is 870-505-1386. The store hours are Thursday-Saturday from 10:00-2:00 and Sunday 10:00-12:00.

Dolly reminds us, “Its best to follow them on Facebook to be kept informed of any additional hours or days when she might need to close” she said. Her web store address is http://www.witchsisters.com/ and you can find her on Facebook under witch sisters.

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