The Thank You Jar: A Spiritual Craft Project

New Year’s Ritual:

The Thank You Jar

By: Zinnia


Supplies that You Might Consider:


Apothecary jars ( I already had these… )


If you don’t have any, may I suggest re-purposing some glass bottles you’ve already used.


Here’s how you could take a glass  bottle and cut it in half:

I got this from pinterest.


thank You: XxanonmymousS for posting this


1.     Soak piece of string in alcohol

2.     Wrap string around bottle at desired height and tie

3.     Light string on fire and allow to burn for a bit

4.     Dip bottle in cold water

5.     Firmly tap bottle against stiff surface

6.     Bottle should break off at level of string

7.     Sand sharp edges with light duty sand paper.


(I was thinking you could make a lid with the top and the bottom could be your jar.


Papers of different   colors


(I chose mine according to their correspondences to each element. Feel free to use my colors…. I got the information from Pinterest. It is from Magickal Moonie’s Sanctuary on Facebook.)


thank You: Magickal Moonie for posting this


Earth: brown

Air: light purple (I’ve read more that air is yellow, but I think it’s light purple. You should choose what feels right to you.)

Fire: red

Water: turquoise


Cloth strips of different colors


I got mine at the Goodwill…. I feel that repurposing clothing is good. It felt right because someone donated it to help someone else and when I spent the money there I felt like I was helping someone else. I’ve read differing opinions about the good will of the executives at GoodWill… I want to be aware of where I spend my money and how I contribute to the Earth by being conscious of the practices of the businesses I support. Not saying I’m good at this or anything. Just saying it is my Intention.)


 I chose old medical scrub pants. Here’s why: the colors and the shape.  I was trying to find natural materials because I’m planning on using these ribbons for my clootie tree and I didn’t want the birds or insects or squirrels harmed. These were 50/50 blend. I would prefer 100% cotton, but I didn’t find that. Anyway, the pants are the right shape for ribbons. They were $4 each.  You could always repurpose some of your old material from some pants or whathaveyou. You can make little cuts in the hem of the pant legs and then rip them if you like the tattered raveled look. I feel like the ravels leave them open to be carried through the air. You may want to cut yours.


I will probably charge mine on the full moon and maybe use some of them for cord magic. I’m also reading about braided rugs. I thought it would be cool to braid a circular rug that is 9 feet in diameter from strips of cloth charged with the full moon energy.


Embroidery thread, hemp thread, cotton yarn in your colors


I added:


Silver for the Goddess


Gold for the God








I bought mine at michaels. I have recently read the Wikipedia entry on Sam Wyly and I encourage you to read about the business practices of these big box stores before you shop there. I found some yin and some yang. For sure. Michaels got a whooping for deceiving their customers. I googled michaels business practices and I found this blog: always upward: The headline is : Michaels stores in NY pay $1.8 M for fake sales. It is by Cinda Baxter from September 20, 2011. Their punishment along with civil penalties, was to give $1M in school supplies to public schools.


1. I took the paper I wanted to use to write the thank you label on and creased it and tore each edge. I prefer a rough edge and I feel like the more I work the paper the more it absorbs my energy. Feel free to cut yours out or burn it.


2. Write Thank You…. You could type it and print it out. You could embroider it….


3. Use a thumbtack as an awl to poke holes around the edges so that it is easier to sew.


4. Sew the papers together.


5  Sew the cloth strips together that will go around your jar and sew the thank you paper on to it.


6. Sew the cloth around the jar.


Of course you can use glue if you prefer.


I like to write my thank yous down on little torn rectangles of paper and roll them up into spiral scrolls and drop them in the jar.


When I focus on my blessings and take time to give thanks, my blessings grow and grow.


I wish you the brightest of blessings .




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